Marketing Minute

The Marketing Minute is brought to you by Clive Maclean, President and CEO of Euro RSCG Discovery.

Mobile Marketing Abuse:  Think “mobile marketing” means “flooding your customers with emails?” Think again.  Mobile Marketing Abuse

Shopper Marketing Redefined:  Brand managers are literally putting their marketing dollars in the wrong place; in the store.  ShopperMarketingRedefined

Point of Care Marketing:  If you’re spending your promotional budget at the point of purchase…you may be missing the point…  PointofCareMarketing

Power Changes Hands:  In times past, manufacturers paid the bills, but the retailers controlled the customer experience. Now, that power is changing hands — literally.  PowerChangesHands

Marketing to Youth — 100 Million One at a Time:  How do you get to know 100 million individuals one at a time?  Youth-100MillionOneataTime

Marketing to Youth — Avoid Mass Marketing:  They’re your biggest audience, but if you’re mass marketing to them, you may as well be giving your budget to charity.  Youth-AvoidMassMarketing

Euro RSCG Discovery Segmentation Models:  Meet twenty-two-year-old John Faulkner, because if you don’t meet him, you’ll never sell to him.  EURORSCGDiscoverySegmentationModels

Impulse Buyers are Getting Less Impulsive:  The economy is tough, fact-finding is easy. Little wonder that consumers are now going online before they shop for even the smallest items.  ImpulseBuyersAreGettingLessImpulsive

Sleeping With Your Customers:  If you want a meaningful relationship with your customers, don’t let the other guy sleep with them.  SleepingwithYourCustomers

Mobile Wallet:  Back in the 90s, online shopping disrupted the market. Now another sea change is coming.  MobileWallet

Personalization to Collaboration:  Moving from personalization to collaboration, the key is connecting with customers.  PersonalizationtoCollaboration

Marketers in the Passenger Seat:  Marketers will have to get used to a humbling new position. The brand-customer relationship has a new owner: and it’s not you.  MarketersinthePassengerSeat

The Future of the Online Experience:  When you look at the online customer experience of tomorrow, what will you find? No room for error.  TheFutureoftheOnlineExperience

Millennial Dads:  Dad’s role really has changed. And if you don’t know it, you stand to lose both mom and dad as customers.  MillennialDads